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Laparoscopic surgery

Improving laparoscopic tumor removal surgery with the help of Augmented Reality

What drives us

We are on a mission to change the lives of surgeons and patients.

What is the problem

Although removing a liver tumor by laparoscopic surgery has remarkable clinical benefits for the patients as well as an overall economic cost advantage compared to open surgeryutilization remains low. Barely 10 % of surgeries are done laparoscopically. 

Why is that so?

Laparoscopic surgery is considered to be more difficult and riskier due to operating with a limit point of view. Moreover, the long learning curve has led to a scarcity of well-trained laparoscopic surgeons.

The people behind Harmonica

We are business developers, mathematicians, software developers and surgeons. With our combined knowledge and experience, we are ready to change the future of laparoscopic surgery.

Why it is important

With the help of Harmonica, laparoscopic surgery will become feasible, safer, and even more cost effective for large-scale applications which will translate into significant savings for hospitals and health care programs.

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